Kilts, tanks, and aeroplanes: Scotland, cinema, and the First World War

by David Archibald & Maria Velez-Serna The relationship between the First World War and early cinema in Britain is both highly complex and far from predictable. In 1914 the visual styles... Read more →

Shell shock cinema: A discussion with Anton Kaes on the First World War, cinema, and the culture of trauma

by Francesco Pitassio Anton Kaes is the Class of 1939 Professor of German and Film & Media at the University of California, Berkeley. He has authored a number of fascinating books, placi... Read more →

Photographed by the Earth: War and media in light of nuclear events

by Thomas Pringle Double exposure, radiation, and imperceptible violence In a rare photo taken on set of the 1956 film The Conqueror (Dick Powell), we see the late John Wayne posing with his... Read more →

The din of gunfire: Rethinking the role of sound in World War II newsreels

by Masha Shpolberg Introduction French film historian Laurent Véray has famously called World War I ‘the first media war of the twentieth century’.[1] The centenary has brought global a... Read more →

Serious games

by Harun Farocki In the summer of 2008 my collaborator Matthias Rajmann sent me a newspaper clipping. Traumatised U.S. troops returning from combat are treated with video games. In therapy t... Read more →

Editorial Necsus

Perhaps no war has stirred the human imagination more deeply than the so-called ‘Great War’. From William Wellman’s Wings (1927) to Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory (1957), Jean-Pier... Read more →

Wolfgang Filzinger, war front cameraman

The First World War had far-reaching consequences for many. This most violent war devastated large parts of Europe and claimed millions of victims. During the 1910s war and its atrocities we... Read more →

Editorial Necsus

The editorial team at NECSUS is excited to embark on its 3rd year of publication. We continue to be dedicated to an open access model that makes the best work in the discipline of media [&he... Read more →

Editorial Necsus

The special section in this issue of NECSUS addresses the phenomenon of waste in the broad range of past and present media practices. We are happy to introduce here, for the first time in th... Read more →

NECSUS #6_Autumn 2014_’War’ — call for submissions

On the occasion of the centenary of the First World War, NECSUS is announcing a call for abstract submissions for a special section on ‘war’ to be published in autumn 2014. The First Wor... Read more →