Theory of Practice/Practice of Theory: Thinking Through Making, Coventry University

Organised by Dr Kamila Kuc and Dr Miriam de Rosa. Chaired by Dr Janneke Adema. Date: 15 March 2017 Venue: Coventry Transport Museum, Starley Suite.  Time: 10.00-16.00 Concept This symposi... Read more →

Videographic film studies and the analysis of camera movement

by Volker Pantenburg I. Albrecht Schäfer’s installation Swing (2008) is as simple as it is intriguing. In the catalogue its components are given as ‘video projector, DVD player, nylon t... Read more →

Siegfried Kracauer’s affinities

by Thomas Elsaesser The five affinities…with photography? In Siegfried Kracauer’s Theory of Film, under the rubric of ‘general characteristics’ of the medium, there is a section call... Read more →

AUP announces new book series

Amsterdam University Press is launching a new book series titled ‘Recursions: Theories of Media, Materiality and Cultural Techniques‘. This series will publish fresh, exciting, a... Read more →

The aesthetics of dispersed attention: An interview with German media theorist Petra Löffler

by Geert Lovink When I met Petra Löffler in the summer of 2012 in Weimar I was amazed to find out about her habilitation topic. She had just finished a study on the history of […] Read more →