Editorial Necsus

This year marks the tenth anniversary of NECS (European Network of Cinema and Media Studies), one of the key organisations that co-established and continues to support NECSUS. Founded in Ber... Read more →

Towards a ‘minor data’ manifesto

by Jacek Smolicki and Alberto Frigo Not big and not small data Before moving to a discussion on the concept of minor data we find it important to explain how the term relates, or rather [&he... Read more →

Database aesthetics, modular storytelling, and the intimate small worlds of Korsakow documentaries

by Anna Wiehl Small – the alternative big? Within the context of digitalisation and networked media, the immediate spread of information, and the automatised gathering and structuring of v... Read more →

From Saul Bass to participatory culture: Opening title sequences in contemporary television series

by Valentina Re Introductory remarks: How main titles work A cab moves into the frame and stops by the curb. A man approaches it and opens the door. ‘Jesus, what’d you do, come by way [&... Read more →

Compact cinematics

by Pepita Hesselberth and Maria Poulaki With tremendous force, and against all odds, a labouring woman shoots a baby from her body like a cannonball, the umbilical cord torn as it rockets th... Read more →

Forms of binding: On data and not ‘fitting in’

by Anirban Gupta-Nigam Saddleworth Moor On 26 January 2016 The Guardian reported the following: ‘[a] man who died on a remote hillside may have been making a pilgrimage to the scene of pla... Read more →

Spring 2016_‘Small data’ — Call for submissions

If we believe the ongoing hype, then our times are characterised by ‘big data’ and ‘digital humanities’, by algorithmically-based research into large bodies of digital material. This... Read more →