Critique, protest, activism, and the video essay

by Kevin B. Lee This selection of video essays is curated for an issue of the journal NECSUS with the special section theme #True. This begs the question of how this word applies to the [&he... Read more →

Cute, small, and deadly — a symposium

A symposium on aesthetics and political forms, Friday, 3 March 2017, 13.30h, NYU-Prague We live in strange times. Isis, an international terrorist organization, uses kitten pictures to softe... Read more →

The politics of spatiality in experimental nonfiction cinema: Jonathan Perel’s ‘Toponimia’

by Patrick Brian Smith A whole history remains to be written of spaces – which would at the same time be the history of powers – from the great strategies of geopolitics to the little [&... Read more →

Richard Serra: Sculpture, television, and the status quo

by Francesco Spampinato Introduction Richard Serra emerged in the 1960s in association with minimalism and land art – two conceptual art movements that speculated on the potentialities of ... Read more →

Cinematic slowness, political paralysis? Animal life in ‘Bovines’, with Deleuze and Guattari

by Laura McMahon Slow, contemplative films about animals represent a minor yet burgeoning trend in contemporary art cinema, including recent releases such as Sweetgrass (Lucien Castaing-Tayl... Read more →

Progressive spaces and lines of battle: Bristol Radical Film Festival 2014

Introduction The ethos of the Bristol Radical Film Festival (BRFF), now in its fourth year, appears to be the provision of a space for the screening of films with a strong emphasis on discus... Read more →

The biennale as a device: 4th Athens Biennale

It is a cliché to say that times of crisis are good for art. For better or worse, this cliché seems to hold some truth for Greece during the past few years. It might be […] Read more →

A counter-response to Hollis Griffin on ‘Policing the people’

I am very grateful to Hollis Griffin for his courteous, thought-provoking, and sustained response to my article ‘Policing the people’ and my reference to his essay in particular. Griffin... Read more →

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival: Between the national and the global

The first edition of the Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival[1] was launched fifty years ago in 1964, at a time when the international success of the director Metin Erksan[2] i... Read more →

NECS pre-conference open access roundtable

Prior to the NECS 2013 Prague conference there will be a roundtable titled Towards a Political Engagement with Open Access in Scholarly Publishing, hosted at the Municipal Library of Prague ... Read more →