Reaching out!: Activating space in the art of Olafur Eliasson

Heading for the exhibition’s main hall, I finally reach a series of rooms where the floors have been covered with rock and gravel. I am hesitant at first, lingering by the doorpost before ... Read more →

Archival gambits in recent art: What can an image do?

by Anik Fournier Living Tomorrow (2005) by the artist Linda Wallace is a three-channel, database-driven installation. The artwork’s database consists of sequences taken from the American s... Read more →

‘Non Non Non’ – Visiting the exhibition with Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi

Non-political, non-aesthetic, non-educational, non-progressive, non-cooperative, non-ethical, non-coherent: contemporary. It is after this list of negations that Hangar Bicocca in Milan deci... Read more →

‘The Abramović Method’, PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan (March-June 2012)

The observer must become a participant, because that is the only way he can have the double experience of being the observer, and being the observed. – Marina Abramović[1] I made an advan... Read more →

‘The Last Ray of the Dying Sun’: Tacita Dean’s commitment to analogue media as demonstrated through FLOH and FILM

by Caylin Smith Regarding FILM, an installation that took place from 11 October 2011 to 11 March 2012 as part of Tate Modern’s Unilever Series, the artist Tacita Dean remarks that ‘it is... Read more →