House Arrest

by Domietta Torlasco I have always been interested in doing what Godard once described as ‘research in the form of a spectacle’. Even in my writing, I begin by collecting images and quot... Read more →

Serious games

by Harun Farocki In the summer of 2008 my collaborator Matthias Rajmann sent me a newspaper clipping. Traumatised U.S. troops returning from combat are treated with video games. In therapy t... Read more →

Harun Farocki, 1944-2014

The esteemed German film and video artist Harun Farocki has passed away at the age of 70. His formidable career in cinema began in the 1960s and included work as a journal editor and a [&hel... Read more →

Poetics and politics of the trace: Notes on surveillance practices through Harun Farocki’s work

by Miriam De Rosa Found footage and archive images, split-screen or a multiplication of the image on screen, a replacement of the original soundtrack with commentary, a detached voice-over a... Read more →