Dialectical Modes of Nature in Terrence Malick’s ‘The Thin Red Line’

by Tyson Wils Introduction In Alfred Schmidt’s The Concept of Nature in Marx it is argued that dialectical materialism introduced a ‘completely new understanding of man’s [sic] relatio... Read more →

Her green materials: Mourning, ‘Melancholia’, and not-so-vital materialisms

by Catherine Lord Introduction: Slow greens, impending greys ‘I’m trudging through a grey woolly yarn. It’s clinging to my legs. It’s really heavy to drag along’, says Justine (Kir... Read more →

Scalar entanglement in digital media ecologies

by Sy Taffel Introduction Media ecology presents an emergent, non-representational approach towards the study of media systems. This article seeks to extend the theoretical underpinnings of ... Read more →

Greenface: Exploring green skin in contemporary Hollywood cinema

by Brady Hammond In the natural world human skin color has a limited range of pigments varying from dark brown to light pink. Still, even this small spectrum has been enough to fuel countles... Read more →

Disharmonious designs: Colour contrast and curiosity in Jane Campion’s ‘In the Cut’

by Liz Watkins An analysis of colour in Jane Campion’s In the Cut (2003) finds that the juxtaposition of red with its complementary colour green maps the visual connections and intercommun... Read more →

A filmic exploration by means of botanical imagery: Notes on Rose Lowder

by Enrico Camporesi I’d never been on a farm and am not even sure which are begonias, dahlias, or petunias. Plants, like algebra, have a habit of looking alike and being different, or look... Read more →

Painting the town green: From urban teleology to urban ecology in New York cinema, 1960-present

by Brady Fletcher & Cortland Rankin New York City is perhaps the most iconic manifestation of urbanity in the 20th century. While the Manhattan skyline dominates the New York imaginary A... Read more →

‘Global warming is not a crisis!’: Studying climate change skepticism on the Web

by Sabine Niederer   Introducing the skeptics, or ‘Global warming is not a crisis!’ This article makes a contribution to the study of the climate controversy by using Web data to resea... Read more →

Greening media studies: An interview with Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller

by Jaap Kooijman Not often does reading an academic book make you feel uncomfortable, pushing you out of your comfort zone as a scholar and consumer. Greening the Media (New York: Oxford Uni... Read more →

Screen industries in East-Central Europe: Cultural policies and political culture (22-25 November 2012, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)

Credit must be given to the academics that created NECS less than a decade ago. After the organization’s first conference in Vienna in 2007 European film scholars finally had an annual ven... Read more →