The politics of spatiality in experimental nonfiction cinema: Jonathan Perel’s ‘Toponimia’

by Patrick Brian Smith A whole history remains to be written of spaces – which would at the same time be the history of powers – from the great strategies of geopolitics to the little [&... Read more →

From single male guest worker to Muslim: An archaeology of iterating archival footage on Dutch television

by Andrea Meuzelaar Introduction Over the course of more than 50 years Dutch television has generated an enormous amount of stories about Islamic immigration and has produced a collection of... Read more →

Even today there are people who think these harmless little books are dangerous: An interview with David Bordwell

by Malte Hagener Following the conversation with Richard Dyer featured in the Spring 2016 issue of NECSUS, we continue our series of interviews with key figures in the field of media studies... Read more →

For here there is no place that does not see you: ‘Minority Report’ and art as de/legitimisation

by Josef Früchtl (1) Rainer Maria Rilke’s Archaic Torso of Apollo is probably one of the most famous poems in the German language, with its last lines being two of the most quoted by love... Read more →

Editorial Necsus

In Autumn 2016 the notion of Home gained a new relevance. Globalisation, migration, and media seem more than ever entangled with growing insecurities about the safety of (the) home. Many of ... Read more →

Pleasure | Obvious | Queer: A conversation with Richard Dyer

by Catherine Grant and Jaap Kooijman How to introduce Richard Dyer? One could start by recognising that he is an academic star, as Su Holmes and Sean Redmond have done in their introduction ... Read more →

‘The Right Stuff’: From Western to melodrama and comedy

by Wim Staat The Right Stuff (1983) is a film about Project Mercury (1958-1963) and its protagonists, the first American astronauts.[1] It is an ensemble film, as it has an extended cast for... Read more →

Photobiographies: The ‘Derrida’ documentaries as film-philosophy

by Robert Sinnerbrink Although the question of ‘film as philosophy’ has attracted much attention, most discussion has focused on narrative film with only occasional references to documen... Read more →

Videographic film studies and the analysis of camera movement

by Volker Pantenburg I. Albrecht Schäfer’s installation Swing (2008) is as simple as it is intriguing. In the catalogue its components are given as ‘video projector, DVD player, nylon t... Read more →

Remake: Chantal Akerman’s and John Smith’s plays on reality

by Clara Miranda Scherffig Introduction According to the Oxford Dictionary a remake is the action of making something again or differently, as well as a film or a music piece that has been r... Read more →