Being Bowie

by Will Brooker and Rebecca Hughes Brooker This film documents a project that began when a musical hero and cultural icon of mine died. Lou Reed passed away in October 2013, which made me re... Read more →

The Place of Voiceover in Academic Audiovisual Film and Television Criticism

by Ian Garwood The line between academic and non-scholarly videographic film criticism The production of The Place of Voiceover in Academic Audiovisual Film and Television Criticism (2016) c... Read more →

House Arrest

by Domietta Torlasco I have always been interested in doing what Godard once described as ‘research in the form of a spectacle’. Even in my writing, I begin by collecting images and quot... Read more →

The audiovisual essay as performative research

by Catherine Grant By tentatively circumscribing one spectrum or continuum of the field for the purposes of this section – with digital, found footage collage at one end and the film/media... Read more →

Warped Reflections: The Cinematic Identity of Helmut Berger

by Hugo Emmerzael Last year the International Film Festival Rotterdam hosted the second edition of the renewed Critics’ Choice program, in which film critics were invited to introduce a fi... Read more →

Live Streaming US

by Paula Albuquerque A Crackup at the Race Riots (2015) is a film made by the Belgian artist trio Leo Gabin and inspired by Harmony Korine’s homonymous novel. With most material coming fro... Read more →

Whose Cinema: The video-essay on the big screen of the International Film Festival Rotterdam

by Dana Linssen For its 2016 edition the Critics’ Choice program at the International Film Festival Rotterdam once again presented a wide array of video-essays on the big screen. The selec... Read more →


by Juan Daniel F. Molero ‘It’s amazing that Steven Spielberg needed $20 million to make Raiders of the Lost Ark, and my dad only had his allowance’, says the son of one of three Missis... Read more →

Learning from popular genres – with help from the audiovisual essay

by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin It is sometimes observed that the burgeoning form of the audiovisual essay (of the analytic kind that has been featured in recent issues of NECS... Read more →

A note on Comedy Vitti Style (2015)

by Pasquale Iannone I have often been frustrated that outside of Italy, and for English-language audiences in particular, the great Italian actress Monica Vitti is known almost exclusively f... Read more →